4 Main Benefits of Basic, Global Multicarrier Shipping Solutions

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For e-commerce businesses that do business all over the world, shipping can be a challenging and overwhelming task. With a lot of sensitive aspects involved in order fulfillment, it’s vital to monitor each carrier interaction and fulfillment processes. But the truth is that the control of carriers can be beyond your business capability. And with increased [...]

Why It’s Important to Enable Mobile Access to Your Shipping Software

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The days when shipping companies depended on desktop solutions for their shipping operations are long gone. With the upsurge of mobile technology, and the increased need to offer a conducive environment for employees and quality service to customers, shipping companies are drifting towards e-commerce shipping software or multicarrier shipping solutions that feature mobile capabilities, for order [...]

3 Maim Challenges Small Businesses Face When Looking to Integrate Ecommerce Shipping Software into Their E-commerce Websites

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Shipping can make or break your e-commerce business. Primarily, the prices you offer for your shipping determines your success. Offer too high shipping costs, and customers will abandon your business. On the other hand, low shipping costs will see customers trooping to your e-commerce website. Unlike small e-commerce websites, large e-commerce businesses can easily provide low-cost [...]