The days when shipping companies depended on desktop solutions for their shipping operations are long gone. With the upsurge of mobile technology, and the increased need to offer a conducive environment for employees and quality service to customers, shipping companies are drifting towards e-commerce shipping software or multicarrier shipping solutions that feature mobile capabilities, for order fulfillment.

The importance of offering mobile access to your e-commerce shipping software

It’s a no-brainer that more people own mobile devices, especially Smartphones, than ever before. By allowing mobile capabilities, it makes it easier for your customers, employees, and anybody related to your e-commerce business to access real-time shipment details. Immediate access to order details and status can make customers develop trust in your business.

Desktop e-commerce shipping software can slow down your shipping processes

The good thing about e-commerce shipping software that integrates mobile capabilities is that it can streamline your shipping processes by allowing you to access information from anywhere anytime. That, essentially, means you can manage your shipping wherever you are, even on vacation in an exotic location, as long as there is an internet connection. With the traditional desktop shipping solution, you will have to navigate the traffic to get to the office, to your desktop, to access all this shipment information.

E-commerce shipping software integrated with mobile technology helps enhance employee performance. The fact that employees can access shipment information wherever they are means they can work, and make decisions anytime. This aspect increases their productivity since they’ll not have to snake through the neighborhood and traffic to get to the workplace to be able to work.

Mobile e-commerce shipping software increases customer satisfaction. If customers can access their shipment details and status in real-time, they will be happy. And they will never contemplate ordering products anywhere else.

Mobile e-commerce shipping software fortifies your brand. To succeed in business today, you must have a strong brand. A strong brand is one that customers identify with, and they will never buy anywhere else regardless of price. Integrating mobile into your e-commerce shipping software or multicarrier shipping solutions can help you fortify your brand because customers will always be happy with the benefits that come with it.


When setting up your shipping, it’s recommended that you choose multicarrier shipping solution because it not only offers real-time access to your shipment details and status but also allows you to get the most competitive shipping cost. That’s because the software integrates multiple carries, with a detailed description of each, including the range of services each offer, as well as their prices.

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