For e-commerce businesses that do business all over the world, shipping can be a challenging and overwhelming task. With a lot of sensitive aspects involved in order fulfillment, it’s vital to monitor each carrier interaction and fulfillment processes. But the truth is that the control of carriers can be beyond your business capability. And with increased globalization, trade across the world is projected to increase, which is expected to complicate shipping logistics. The most effective way to streamline global shipping is to track each shipment. And this can be achieved by multi-carrier shipping solutions. You don’t have to go for a complex multi-carrier shipping solution. A standard one could do. And here are the benefits of basic, global multicarrier shipping solutions.

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1. Standard multicarrier shipping solutions help you find the best carriers that offer competitive prices

Most e-commerce business owners rely on numerous carriers for order fulfillment. Multi-carrier shipping solutions help logistics managers to compare different carries and only deal with those that offer the best services and reasonable prices. The good thing is that the e-commerce shipping software compares prices and services of numerous carriers all over the world. So you can be sure that you’re getting the cream of the crop of carriers.

2. Multicarrier shipping solutions make the shipping process proactive

Before the introduction of e-commerce shipping software, a customer used to order a product; the business would prepare and dispatch the product. After dispatch, it was a waiting game to hear of any issues along the way or any delays. Multicarrier shipping solutions have automated and streamlined the processes. You can instantly get notifications of shipment status, and this offers a proactive strategy.

3.Multicarrier shipping solutions bring uniformity in the shipping processes

Multicarrier shipping solutions eliminate the traditional way of depending on multiple processes for various locations and carriers. They allow you to compare carrier prices, manage carriers and organize the necessary paperwork, both online and offline, regardless of the location of the carrier and shipment.

4.E-commerce shipping software helps manage numerous carriers

While dealing with multiple carriers can help you minimize shipping costs, it can be a daunting task to track and maintain these relationships. Multicarrier shipping solutions can help you track and maintain relationships with multiple carriers in a single device. And with most multicarrier shipping software coming with mobile capabilities, you can do so wherever you are.


In today’s cutthroat competitive marketplace, if you can’t embrace technology, then you won’t be able to last long enough. When it comes to running an e-commerce business, using technology to manage the shipping processes significantly helps your brand grow quickly. And the best technology to manage shipping process is multicarrier shipping solution.